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MacDiarmid Sails - 505

MacDiarmid Sails 505 sails have been performing at the top end of the 505 fleet since the mid 90's, constantly being refined, they are now at the very least equal to any other sails available on the market today and built out of quality materials to ensure that they will last more than one event. 

Our latest generation 9 all purpose spinnmaker has proven to be a step ahead of the rest. The sail is more stable due to a much smoother shape through out the sail acheived by simply using more panels in the condtruction of the sail. While more time consuming to produce, the end result is a faster sail.

The mainsails are built using Contender AK 03 Aramid Laminate with a 1.5mil film. A lighter option using a 1.0mil film for Eurpoean venues is availabe. The sail is full cross cut construstion, with smart panel orientation avoiding the need for fashionable radial clews and heads that quickly distort and effect the shape and performance of the sail. The mainsail comes complete with large veiwing windows and tapered battens.

We have 2 different jib designs available, a fuller sail for lighter winds and choppy conditions and a flatter shape for heavy winds or flatter water. Both designs are available in 3.9oz and 4.46 Polykote Dacron. Our jibs come complete with large veiwing windows, tell tales, battens and sail bag. A zipper luff is also a popular option.

5O5 Products:

 AP-11s Cross Cut AK 03 Aramid 1.5mil Standard

LM-11 Flat water jib 3.8oz Polykote

LM-11s Standard Heavy air jib 4.46 Polykote

OS-11 Bumpy water, light air jib 3.8oz Polykote

OS-11s Standard All Purpose jib 4.46 Polykote

AP-12 .75oz Silicon Coated Nylon Radial Clew and Head

LM-12 .5oz Silicon Coated Polyester Light air runner


  • Travel cover
  • Hull cover
  • Mast and boom Covers
  • Trapeze Harnesses
  • Regatta covers
  • Fully padded Rudder bags

For more information call 505 class representative Shane Guanaria This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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